About Us

Digital Capital Advisors is the premier investment banking boutique dedicated to serving innovative media and technology companies for whom digital is core to their DNA as well as those who would like it to be. Founded and run by long-time media investment bankers and former CEO's, these entrepreneurs / financiers / investors / advisors have been fully immersed in and have helped shape the media landscape for the past 20 years, both offline and online. Such invaluable experience, well-honed insights and extensive relationships throughout the industry with both strategic operators and financial sponsors are of immense value to DCA's clients as it helps them navigate the fast-changing digital landscape and create superior value.

Global Focus

From its headquarters in New York City, DCA's principals span the globe uniting and building digital leaders of today and tomorrow. They regard their client relationships as partnerships in the true meaning of the word – unified with one another in a sphere of common interest – as they help entrepreneurs and other business owners transfer various forms of capital into tangible and significant wealth.

Broad Sector Expertise

  • Advertising Technology
  • Agency
  • Digital Media
  • eCommerce
  • Education Technology
  • Gaming
  • Marketing Services
  • Mobile
  • Online Advertising
  • SaaS & On-Demand
  • Social
  • Traditional Media