Content Kings: An Ecosystem Disrupted

DCA's last white paper, Content Kings: The Changing Landscape of Video Consumption, provided an in-depth analysis of the current and evolving way consumers are accessing video content, and a raw perspective on the inevitable wave of digital disruption that will dictate the future role of legacy cable providers.  However, as content producers continue to leverage the growing competition between technology giants and traditional cable providers for content rights, it remains unclear how each of these three inter-reliant competing industries will adapt to changing power dynamics.  Since DCA released our first Content Kings paper in April 2013, many of the themes and predictions outlined have started to come to fruition.  From heightened market activity among cable operators, continued market penetration of Multi-Channel Networks, maturity of online video advertising technology and new products addressing consumer demand, all signs point to a radical shift in how mainstream video content will be distributed, monetized and consumed.