Digital Capital Advisors is pleased to release our latest sector piece, Perspectives on Digital Intelligence.

The customer journey has become increasingly complex and disjointed, with an ever-increasing need for holistic data-driven customer insights to catalyze smarter decision making in an omnichannel environment. With 90% of the data on Earth created in the past two years, digital intelligence and customer experience solutions have become central to firms as they attempt to capture, manage and analyze customer data to generate meaningful insights from the plethora of consumer data points. However, barriers remain for digital intelligence and customer experience as the current landscape remains highly fragmented with numerous competitors offering comparable solutions, with no full stack offerings currently available in the marketplace.

Digital Capital Advisors’ report explores the three primary tiers of digital intelligence including engagement optimization, digital analytics and data management, and analyzes the headwinds and tailwinds, competitive landscape, key transactions and various product offerings in the digital intelligence and customer experience sector, evaluating the market opportunity for this exciting and rapidly growing sector.