Digital Capital Advisors is pleased to release our latest sector piece, Perspectives on Education Technology.

In the materials, we address the following topics:

  • Potential triggers to increase teacher and administration adoption of and engagement with EdTech platforms.
  • Evolution of and opportunities for game-based learning, eLearning and collaboration platforms.
  • Verticalized software driving efficiency in the back office infrastructure of all education and life-long learning environments.
  • Survey of recent M&A and investment activity.


We invite you to engage with us as we continue to analyze the following questions:

  • In K-12, when will EdTech move beyond localization and fragmentation to cross-district platform offerings?
  • Despite ~$9.5 billion invested in EdTech companies in 2017, the vast majority are not profitable. What happens when the funding spigot dries up? Which consolidators emerge and transact?
  • Experiential technologies are emerging in EdTech. How could these frontier technologies shape the future?