Digital Capital Advisors is pleased to release our latest sector deck, Perspectives on OTT.

Driven by the advancements in broadband technology, and the widespread accessibility of high speed internet coupled with the proliferation of OTT streaming devices, OTT content consumption has become ubiquitous, dominating traditional linear content viewership.

With SVOD global subscribers projected to eclipse 540 million by 2020, the stakes are even higher for suitors looking to capture a piece of this massive $62 billion market opportunity. While potential obstacles such as Net Neutrality and the limitations of original content production threaten to slow OTT’s growth, the future for this sector is bright-especially as opportunities such as live streaming, bundled internet and TV packages and data driven content curation continue to grow.

Digital Capital Advisors’ report dives into the headwinds and tailwinds, as well as highlights the major OTT and traditional media players currently vying for market share of this exciting and transformative sector.