Digital Capital Advisors is pleased to release our latest white paper, Data & Analytics: Unlocking the Door to Actionable Data Driven Enterprise Insights.

The ability to derive actionable business insights from the enhanced analysis of previously unobtainable or difficult to access data catalyzes a transformative shift across a broad spectrum of everyday tasks and activities. As enterprises transition their data storage from legacy server racks to easily accessible cloud environments, the door to data driven insights is being foundationally unlocked. Businesses that can successfully collect, store, find meaning and extract value from data at scale are uniquely positioned to bolster their monetization, optimize their operations and enhance their interactions with customers, while positioning themselves for immense ROI on analytics investments.

The ability to seamlessly access this data to yield actionable data driven insight has never been more critical. Today, 98% of global information is digital. Gathering, analyzing and optimizing data will fundamentally alter how business is conducted across industries, creating a multi-trillion-dollar market opportunity for those ready to seize it. Digital Capital Advisors’ report explores the functions, components, benefits and drawbacks of Data & Analytics in a cloud transition environment, while highlighting the competitive landscape and key transactions and evaluating the market opportunity for this exciting and rapidly growing space.