NEW YORK, NY – Digital Capital Advisors, LLC (“DCA”) is pleased to announce it has served as exclusive financial advisor to London-based Adbrain (“the Company”), a global leader in resolving customer identity for marketers and their partners across people, places and devices, on its sale to The Trade Desk (“TTD”).

The transaction further demonstrates TTD’s commitment to help advertisers target consumers across all devices through a single, independent buy-side platform. Digital consumers own on average 3.64 devices (GlobalWebIndex), which makes it difficult for marketers to have a unified view of the customer in targeting and reporting.

During the past year, TTD has partnered with a wide range of companies to license deterministic cross-device data sets. Adbrain’s technology combined with those data sets give TTD a proprietary deterministic device graph to match a user’s identity across different devices. As TTD buys media across every screen, connecting a user’s identity across different devices drives the best results for marketers, and the best possible ad experience for the consumer.

Adbrain has been integrated within TTD’s platform and cross-device marketplace since October 2015. In accordance with its open marketplace approach, TTD will continue to offer industry-leading device graphs on the platform, along with supporting custom device graphs developed by agency and marketer clients.

“We are thrilled to add Adbrain’s innovative technology and expertise to our company,” said Jeff Green, CEO and co-founder of TTD. “With this acquisition we will develop a proprietary device graph that combines Adbrain’s technology with login data, giving advertisers and brands on The Trade Desk platform an independent alternative to walled gardens.”