NEW YORK – Digital Capital Advisors, LLC (“DCA”) is pleased to announce that it has served as exclusive financial advisor to Vidcaster, a San Francisco-based enterprise software video platform for Fortune 1000 companies on its sale to Vidlet, a mobile platform for business. The transaction was led by Elgin Thompson, Brandon Quartararo, Sarah Shaikh and Paul Faglione.

“Kieran Farr, Vidcaster’s CEO and Founder, was prescient in moving video beyond a player-centric, media-first vehicle to the much larger addressable enterprise market using a modular, SaaS-based delivery solution to help clients manage business challenges and ROI accountability,” said Elgin Thompson, Managing Director at DCA.

Founded in 2010, Vidcaster has developed a next-generation, highly-configurable enterprise software solution to help companies grow audience and generate revenue through key business objectives including viewer engagement and transactional conversion rates. Unlike legacy platforms solely focused on delivering media content, Vidcaster’s open architecture integrates marketing automation, email, social and analytics across channels and tools. For example, a client can upload user-generated or professional content to Vidcaster’s Video Experience Cloud to monitor and analyze how users engage with the videos. In addition, the platform maps user behavior against contact-level user datasets from email, marketing automation or CRM platforms and delivers analytics and insights to marketing, sales and HR teams to improve conversions.

“Vidcaster is thrilled to join Vidlet’s team of experienced industry veterans,” said Kieran Farr, who joins Vidlet as CTO. “Vidcaster has achieved tremendous momentum as a sophisticated platform for video asset management. With Vidlet we are building on Vidcaster’s core technology to offer a new mobile platform that transforms how brands communicate and capture insights from customers, employees, and anyone else important to their business.”

Based in Palo Alto, Vidlet was founded by a team of design and technology veterans from frog design, Apple and HP. Vidlet’s enterprise mobile video platform makes it easy for brands to use mobile video for a wide range of business use cases including communication, market research, new product testing and employee training. Fortune 100 companies in the high-tech, hospitality, consumer packaged goods and healthcare industries deploy the Vidlet app and companion portal to bring the worlds of market research and employee training closer together. In a video-enabled, connected-device world, researchers can use Vidlet to uncover new insights about customer behavior, while human capital management teams can quickly deploy a video-based training curriculum and engage employees through mobile interaction in the field.

“Vidlet originally tapped Vidcaster to help us secure and manage our growing library of video assets,” said Patricia Roller, CEO of Vidlet. “We were very impressed with the Vidcaster team and immediately understood how their technology could help us build and scale a new mobile insights platform to transform not only market research but learning and development and other business communication functions.”

Elgin Thompson noted, “While select areas of the market are softening, marketing technology M&A will further accelerate in 2016 as technology buyers enhance and link their sales, marketing, data and commerce stacks. As part of this acceleration, we continue to see heightened demand for differentiated enterprise software platforms.”